London Underground
London Underground

Keeping critical transport infrastructure running reliably

Londoners and businesses rely on London Underground’s 11 lines which transport up to 5 million passenger journeys every day. Keeping the tube running reliably behind the scenes involves more than 5000 employees and thousands more partners and suppliers working to provide ongoing maintenance to ensure safe and reliable journeys.


Across the network, London Underground has responsibility for over 200 stations, over 500 trains and a multitude of supporting assets and services. This complex system of moving parts and critical infrastructure requires efficient servicing and maintenance to keep London moving. 

Working with an engineering consultancy, London Underground set CCQ the task of helping it to modernise its approaches and inform better asset management decision making. 

The primary challenge for this work was to customise decision-making models, delivering bespoke software-enabled metrics and data points unique to the world’s fourth-longest subway system.

Solution: Consultancy & Software Development

Benefitting from our experience across the engineering sector, we implemented a series of custom integrations for London Underground building on the rollout of a Decision Support Toolset (DST). 

We designed our customisations to support rapid and optimal asset management as to when, where and how to deliver maintenance, renewal or replacement.

  • N-tier
  • Microsoft .NET
  • t4 templates
  • VueJS
  • Entity Framework
  • Typescript
The Work:
  • Design and delivered developer training programmes
  • Software development
  • Front and back end development
  • Software application modernisation
  • Algorithm development
  • Testing
  • Prototyping
  • Technology selection
  • Workflow mapping
  • Application flow mapping
  • User testing
  • User experience design
  • Data integration
  • Data architecture

London Underground’s customised algorithmic approach to data analysis and insight, provides critical recommendations as to the best route to reduce asset-related risk and decrease costs. 

CCQ’s engine behind this technology suite provides pathways to ultimately lower the lifetime costs of assets across the transport system while maintaining reliability. Delivering a best in class solution to complex and multifaceted asset management resulted in less wastage and less downtime, freeing up funds for London Underground to improve services.

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