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Optimise is an automation support and technology consultancy based on the isle of Guernsey for organisations and government departments departing on their digital journey.



Optimise had a high profile customer requiring a team of experienced developers to enhance their business rules engine (BRE).

The end customer was in the middle of a 3 year digital transformation programme involving many third parties and technical delivery teams.

The project had suffered setbacks with some third parties failing to deliver on time and demonstrating a lack of effective communication.

As a result key area of development required the replacement of one third party by a strong team with a demonstrable history of taking over stalling software projects.

Optimise had worked with CCQ Tech on a project for another customer and they seemed like the perfect team to help.



CCQ Tech acted as part of the Optimise team. We worked with them on the end client’s project for the last eight months of 2022.

CCQ Tech provides the underlying Java code for a Camunda process modelling automation, which allows us to code certain aspects of its interaction with other systems and the decision-making process.

The team’s focus is on facilitating the business process also using Microsoft Dynamics (MS Dynamics) and Microsoft BizTalk Server (MS BizTalk Server).

Optimise handles project management but is supported by CCQ Tech, participating in scrum teams and daily stand-ups.

  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Camunda
  • Microsoft BizTalk Server
  • Java
The Work:
  • Financial calculation development
  • Workflow mapping
  • Jira and Atlassian
  • Application flow mapping
  • Data integration
  • Team Augmentation & Mentorship
  • Prototyping

The initial project’s success is based on delivery and quality. CCQ Tech has delivered on time and budget and helped secure eight months’ worth of additional development work (over £350,000). Moving forward, CCQ developers are part of a scrum team with delivery based on two-week sprints.

“I’m most impressed with CCQ Tech’s track record of delivery. Since I was lucky enough to work with them on another project, I knew the quality they offer. I also appreciate their personality and how they fit with my team. For me, it was important to ensure we had good relationships before augmenting my team. The similarities between our companies set CCQ Tech apart from other providers. We trust them because they deliver exactly what they say they will. They also provide good in-team leadership, which is a big benefit that gives the end client confidence. Moreover, I’m never worried about delivery because our communication is so good.”

– Tim Wyatt, CEO, Optimise

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