Huma Business Intelligence

Market leading data management and solutions for financial services

With decades of Wall Street experience Huma Business Intelligence provides data management solutions that enable customers across the financial services industry to make better business decisions and report to regulators. 

Centred around an easy to use platform, Huma Business Intelligence (HBI) delivers enterprise-grade business logic, insight and analytics as a cost-effective and fast to deploy turnkey solution.


HBI came to CCQ over a decade ago with a plan to build a business intelligence platform leveraging its existing expertise in the financial services sector.

The task at hand was to build modules to ingest data points across multiple banking systems and then deliver a software solution enabling end-end data analysis.


CCQ were instrumental in HBI’s early exploration of the possible as they sought to create a market-leading BI tool for financial services. CCQ helped advise as to potential development opportunities and best practice approaches. 

Furthermore, HBI benefited from our knowledge of the compliance and security complexities inherent in working in a regulated environment. 

Following product specifications, CCQ developed a range of plugins integrating with third-party and proprietary banking systems. Each plugin enabled reliable data flows into HBI’s business intelligence engine specific to its point of data origination. 

In close collaboration with HBI specialists and product owners, various complex algorithmic solutions were built to provide liquidy calculations, data processing and aggregation. Additionally, we co-created the platform’s technology frameworks for longevity and expansion with a view to future scale.

Recognising the need for ease of use and adoption, we understood end-users needs enabling us to build a front end to easily derive custom analysis and insight.

More recently, we have supported the business to move HBI’s product range to web applications whilst modernising data ingestion to keep up with various evolutions of third party data storage systems and interfaces.

  • .NET
  • Angular
  • SQL Server
  • C#
  • HTML
  • Server Stack
The Work:
  • Software development
  • Advising and implementing complex algorithms
  • Workflow mapping
  • Application flow mapping
  • Data architecture and integration
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Front and backend development

Our work ensures HBI delivers robust real-time analysis, core data flows, and business-critical business intelligence to its end clients. The result is quality data provision for banks and financial services clients, enabling them to meet the data demands of external and internal decision-makers with confidence, ease and relevance.

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