The Woodhouse Partnership Limited

The Woodhouse Partnership Limited (TWPL) are a specialist asset management engineering consultancy. TWPL works across industries involving complex and business-critical industrial assets such as utilities, transport and oil and gas. 

As one of the UK’s leading experts in the field, TWPL helps its customers achieve efficient and cost-saving approaches to asset management. 

“We had a large, complex software project which required experienced and highly skilled software engineers. We are very happy we chose CCQ Tech and work with them to this day.” – John Woodhouse, CEO


The Woodhouse Partnership SALVO DST ProjectTWPL needed someone to advise and develop complex and sophisticated software to support their consultancy. Proprietary decision mapping processes, complex engineering calculus and algorithmic approaches to asset management data and workflows needed implementation as a software product.

They needed to translate TWPL’s decision mapping intellectual property into a software package to help organisations managing large industrial assets answer multi-million dollar questions like “When should I replace my ageing asset?” and “What’s the best way to do so?”

Solution: Consultancy & Software Development

The Woodhouse Partnership SALVO ProjectCreation of a best in market, data-led, Decision Support Tool (DST) to licence to their clients as part of the cross-industry “SALVO” project

Continuous development and continuous improvement of product to meet global markets’ need

CCQ delivered a modular DST solution enabling owners of industrial assets are able to improve individual and multi-faceted decision making – informing pools of spares, when and how physical assets are inspected, maintained, maintenance scheduled and replacement due. These decisions can be worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

CCQ built customisable Business Intelligence dashboards to ensure easy access to critical insights. We were additionally asked to take over an existing code base and rewrite it over time to deliver a fit for purpose application ready to scale.

  • Microsoft WPF
  • C# .Net
  • MVVM
  • DevExpress XPO
  • DevExpress XtraReports
  • Originally Visual Basic
  • SQL Server
The Work:
  • Front and back end software application development
  • Advise and implement complex algorithms
  • Engineering algorithms
  • Financial calculations
  • Legacy application entrustment
  • Enterprise system development
  • Engineering risk management
  • Optimisation

After 15 years of working together TWPL’s Decision Support Tool is used by dozens of end clients, creating a new revenue stream, informing and expediting critical business decisions. In turn, this results in improved service delivery, forecasting and commitments. 

End clients include Scottish Water, Sabic, Sasol, Sydney Trains and Hofor.

TWPL has achieved a differentiated and proven asset management tools cementing global status, credibility and competitive advantage.



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