Geoscience and Engineering
Geoscience and Engineering

Advanced engineering firm working with large volumes of scientific data providing specialised consultancy services.


Previous third-party software companies were unable to understand industry science and older technology used by existing products. The client needed a company that could do this in order to effectively extend applications and innovate for the future.

Overly complicated software was slow and difficult to install on local workstations with bugs impacting the company’s reputation.

Multiple programming languages, frameworks and databases lead to applications being hard to maintain, with poor database integrity, bad data, and an inability to make regular upgrades.

Cloud-based elements were locked into expensive third parties.

Solution: Consultancy & Software Development

A carefully chosen CCQ team works alongside the client providing ongoing advice, guidance, and support with large-scale changes to databases and software applications.

The team informs on what is possible and facilitates the modernisation / web-enablement of software applications.

We delivered a potentially world-first, successful ‘Proof of Concept’ involving streaming highly compressed geophysics data over the internet. 


  • Microsoft .NET 7 and .NET Core
  • ASP.Net WebApi
  • C# & C# Source Generators
  • C++
  • Entity Framework Core
  • Typescript
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Azure
  • Javascript
The Work:
  • Bespoke code to read, write, and manipulate complex feeds of geophysics sensors
  • Working with industry-standard formats inc; Ground Penetrating Radar /LIDAR/LAS/LAZ
  • Compression, transfer & storage of irregular datasets
  • Read raw NCOM files containing positioning/GPS data
  • Engineering algorithms
  • Application development
  • Legacy application entrustment
  • Development of streaming technologies to maximise performance across the web
  • Designed and delivered developer training programmes
  • Testing
  • Prototyping
  • Technology selection
  • Workflow mapping

The client now has faith that a partner can solve difficult and nuanced problems, look after their old products, help innovate and build future products.

The client has a greater speed of deployment, improved system performance & maintenance, new functionality, and increased data integrity.

Developers & engineers can set up and use software systems in under one hour as opposed to several days.

Results from the ‘POC’ exercise, and other discovery projects, pave the way for product innovation, reliability, and functionality for more productive engineering teams.

Reduced costs and dependency as systems can now be hosted internally or by any cloud-hosting third party.

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