Building a better way to finance property development is a PropTech startup seeking to solve the problem of fragmented and slow access to property development finance. 

Brickflow provides access to 30 of the UK’s leading lenders in one place and is the UK’s first comparison engine and marketplace for property finance.

Brickflow saves its customers weeks and months of time and effort by digitalising previously onerous and manual processes.


CCQ Client BrickflowThe Startup lacked an understanding of how to architect a solution that embodied the vision of the founder while meeting the unmet needs of the market.

They needed to deliver a technology architecture and software solution lean enough for the first launch while fit to scale. 

The platform needed to enable an ambitious product roadmap full of automation and problem solving for a streamlined user experience.



CCQ Client BrickflowBrickflow appointed CCQ early in its inception to provide the technology and product experience required to progress its business concept from ideation through MVP and launch.

Brickflow initially commissioned CCQ to test product-market fit and iterate as users began to engage with its toolsets. The subsequent objective was to provide a foundation for post-launch growth and funding. 

CCQ’s challenge was to act as a CTO-as-a-service and deliver a technology architecture and software solution.

Our first task was to immerse ourselves in the product vision, understand the customer problem, jobs to be done and the solution hypothesis.

We then supplied expertise in complex software development and technical architecture required to progress the business concept to product launch.

Working in close partnership with Brickflow’s founding team CCQ developed Brickflow’s proprietary matching engine that calculates loan rates and interest, digitising the matching of a finance requirement with the best available lenders.

To this day we are continuing to work with Brickflow and deliver enhancements and we’ve matured the underlying technology. As more lending partners have come on board we have further developed Brickflow’s matching and calculator engine to include smarter matching and additional features.

  • Microsoft .NET
  • C#
  • Source Generators
  • t4 templates
  • AngularJS
  • Entity Framework
  • Typescript
  • AWS
  • Stripe
  • WebAPI
The Work:
  • Design and delivered developer training programmes
  • Software development
  • Front and back end development
  • Software application modernisation
  • Algorithm development
  • Testing
  • Prototyping
  • Technology selection
  • Workflow mapping
  • Application flow mapping
  • User testing
  • User experience design
  • Data integration
  • Data architecture
  • Project Management
  • Excel and PDF exporting

Since its launch in late 2020, Brickflow has grown to now provide streamlined access to over 40 banks and financial service lenders. The platform has saved time and effort for thousands of property developers in their search for finance. 

In its first six months alone, Brickflow secured nearly £50m in approved loans.

Additionally, ratifying the business opportunity and securing its future, Brickflow has raised over £350K – at least in part due to the success of its robust platform built by CCQ.


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