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Our Work
London Underground
Keeping critical transport infrastructure running reliably Londoners and businesses rely on London Underground’s 11 lines which transport up to 5 million passenger journeys every day. Keeping the t...
Quantus Legal is a national supplier of conveyancing searches. They offer a wide range of conveyancing searches, including local authority, environmental, and water and drainage searches.
Tech Start-Up
iTroduce is a social media start up for business networking that works differently from LinkedIn. Making connections, tracking connections and providing real insight into the value of the connections ...
Tech Start-Up
All Eyes (formerly Search Style) is a web platform that allows fashion creatives to gather, organise and make sense of their inspiration as a team. Creatives can streamline their internet inspiratio...
The Woodhouse Partnership Limited
The Woodhouse Partnership Limited (TWPL) are a specialist asset management engineering consultancy. TWPL works across industries involving complex and business-critical industrial assets such as utili...
Geoscience Engineering
Geoscience and Engineering
Advanced engineering firm working with large volumes of scientific data providing specialised consultancy services.
Non Profit
The Girls’ Network
Unlimited futures for all young women. The Girl's Network is a not for profit organisation who's mission is to inspire and empower girls from the least advantaged communities by connecting them wit...
Ahli United Bank
Ahli United Bank of Kuwait is a traditional bank founded in 1971, providing retail, private and corporate banking services with headquarters in Safat, Kuwait City. Working with Misys (now Finastra)...
Financial Services
Optimise Ltd
Optimise is an automation support and technology consultancy based on the isle of Guernsey for organisations and government departments departing on their digital journey.  
British Eventing
British Eventing is the National Governing Body for the sport of eventing in Great Britain. They regulate and schedule over 170 events throughout Britain across the season for over 15,000 members.
Huma Business Intelligence
Market leading data management and solutions for financial services With decades of Wall Street experience Huma Business Intelligence provides data management solutions that enable customers across t...
Supermarkets and retailers work with huge amounts of data. CCQ helped TESCO with a big digital transformation project to enable relatively siloed TESCO shops and offices to work with multiple informat...
Building a better way to finance property development is a PropTech startup seeking to solve the problem of fragmented and slow access to property development finance.  Brickflow pr...
Financial Services
The International Stock Exchange
Digital transformation for stocks and trades. The International Stock Exchange (TISE) is the home of one of Europe’s leading professional and regulated bond markets. TISE lists over 200 businesses ...
Network Rail
CCQ are list on the technology service providers collaborators for Network Rail's Infrastructure Monitoring program which is the foundation on which many engineering decisions sit within Network Rail....
Pioneering the future of banking Finastra (previously Misys) is a pioneering technology company unlocking the potential of open banking technology. Finastra’s applications enable connectivity acros...
Standard Chartered Bank
Standard Chartered, one of the world's largest banks, provides consumer and corporate banking services across over 70 countries. Working with Misys (now Finastra), CCQ was commissioned to support S...
Carbon Sure
Carbon Sure (previously Utility Bridge) is a pioneering utilities and energy start-up who provide cost-effective, outsourced energy management for UK businesses.  
CCQ’s expertise in financial services software allows us to implement complex financial algorithms and blend them with simple interfaces to challenge traditional finance systems. Via our partner Mis...

Our Expertise

CCQ has over 20 years of experience working at the forefront of modern technology and software development.
We deliver solutions working with pioneers and incumbent businesses seeking to modernise, optimise and innovate across the digitally enabled value chain.

We have extensive experience working with financial services, banking, and FinTech companies who are looking to modernise, transform or accelerate software project inertia.
Industry 4.0
Enabling the future of engineering, utilities, industry and supply chains through complex, tailored, bespoke software applications.
Startups and corporate innovators challenging the status quo and looking to disrupt market norms. Inception, through to MVP and launch.
Deep Tech
Advanced solutions at the cutting edge of what is possible, from advanced engineering through emerging technologies.
Big Data
Making sense of data and its application to business improvement driving actionable insights.
Web, infrastructure, platforms, APIs and microservices built and delivered in the cloud.

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CCQ Tech Client Testimonial - John Woodhouse
CCQ Tech Client Testimonial - Charly Young MBE
CCQ Tech Client Testimonial - Darren Jones
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CCQ Tech Client Testimonial - John Parker
CCQ Tech Client Testimonial - Tim Wyatt
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CCQ Tech Client Testimonial - Cliff Findlay
CCQ Tech Client Testimonial - Lucas Shorvon
CCQ Tech Client Testimonial - Natalie Grogan
CCQ Tech Client Testimonial - Guy Macpherson-Grant
CCQ Tech Client Testimonial - Peter Slack
CCQ Tech Client Testimonial - John Woodhouse
CCQ Tech Client Testimonial - Charly Young MBE
CCQ Tech Client Testimonial - Darren Jones
CCQ Tech Client Testimonial - Edel Campbell
CCQ Tech Client Testimonial - John Parker
CCQ Tech Client Testimonial - Tim Wyatt
CCQ Tech Client Testimonial - Ben Skipworth
CCQ Tech Client Testimonial - Cliff Findlay
CCQ Tech Client Testimonial - Lucas Shorvon
CCQ Tech Client Testimonial - Natalie Grogan
CCQ Tech Client Testimonial - Guy Macpherson-Grant
CCQ Tech Client Testimonial - Peter Slack
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Why CCQ?

Experience and skill in software and technology doesn’t always mean high levels of business acumen. Drawing on decades of experience in business focusing on building shared domain knowledge with clients we bring real business acumen to bear to help you solve those tough business problems leveraging the right modern technology to meet nuanced business objectives.


We believe that we need to earn our clients trust. To do so we invest to deeply understand each unique business we engage with and its market and context. Leveraging this understanding we only recommend the best-fit solution to any business problem or challenge and seek long term value added partnerships.


We’re mathematicians, physicists and computer scientists genuinely passionate about how tech can help make a difference to your business and its customers. We’re also expert technologists and have been around long enough to understand how to demystify and shape solutions proven to deliver results such that even the most complex solutions make sense and drive real business outcomes we can all be proud of. Delivered right, the first time.

Awards & Accreditations



Our Services
  • Software Engineering & Development
  • Technology Strategy and Architecture
  • Proofs of concept
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Digital Transformation
  • Team Augmentation
Software Engineering

As a high calibre software development firm, we stand at the forefront of software development technology discovery. Our deep cross-industry experience enables us to identify what can be built, select what to build and avoid all the potential pitfalls to ensure a smooth journey from concept, design, and delivery cycles to completion.

Web and API Application Development

In a rapidly changing digital age, web application development and API integration projects have become vital for many businesses looking to enhance operational efficiency, improve client relations, create new revenue streams, and out perform the competition.

Technology Strategy & Architecture

We help UK businesses rapidly digitally transform though a structured approach that puts the business’ objectives first. Thorough a process of analysing your business systems, identifying inefficiencies, and pinpointing areas that hinder progress we develop and execute a transformation journey to help you win more business, reduce costs, and streamline business operations.

CCQ Tech Technology Strategy and Architecture blue icon
Idea Validation

Looking to test hypothesis and understand whether your ideas will work before investing time and money?

CCQ Tech provides low-risk low-investment approach which demonstrates whether software, digital and technology ideas will have impactful results for a business, staff, users, clients and markets.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

CCQ provides AI and Machine Learning services that provide significant benefits to businesses looking to automate, leverage heritage data, and gain ground breaking insight.

Our services enable businesses to harness the power of artificial intelligence, driving innovation and creating competitive advantages through smarter, data-driven decisions. We leverage the latest AI advancements to automate tasks, gain deeper insights, and achieve breakthrough innovation.

CCQ Tech Artificial Intelligence Icon
Digital Transformation

We help modernise outdated software, streamline processes, integrate with web services and implement cutting-edge technologies that align with your business objectives.

Our expertise in cloud computing is particularly beneficial, as we assist you in transitioning from traditional on-premises systems to scalable, cloud-native solutions.

CCQ delivers software and infrastructure modernisation to ensure you deploy fit for purpose business solutions that increases operational efficiency, reduces cost and enhance client services.

Team Augmentation

Digital skills are in higher than ever demand and supply is short. Further, as more organisations look to technology solutions to drive business performance and startups resource to disrupt the status quo talent looks likely to become even more scarce.

CCQ provides senior advisory talent and top tier team augmentation to solve your skills gaps. We offer interim and part-time CTO and board-level advice to ambitious organisations in need of been there done that senior tenure. We additionally mentor teams and upskill internal talent to set you up for success.

CCQ Tech Team Augmentation blue icon
1. Problem Definition, Diagnosis & Discovery

Businesses encounter a wide array of challenges involving software, data, people, infrastructure, process and technology. We start with comprehensive diagnosis and discovery to understand the pertinent characteristics of problems before exploring solutions.

2. Validation & Candidate Solutions

With many routes to get from A to B we draw on building a shared domain with clients and leverage extensive industry experience to research, propose and recommend the best right-fit solutions that solve your challenges. Together we validate options via rapid prototyping, and proof of concept projects.

3. Software Development & Agile Delivery

Great software products are built upon advanced preparation and planning with our clients selecting the best strategy, functionality, technology and processes for your project. Software is delivered through agile sprints with rapid feedback and iteration.

4. Data Led Improvement

We build the ability to capture, store and interrogate data into living, breathing, software projects and product lifecycles. Learn, adapt, iterate.


5. Launch & Scale

Software development is a skill as well as being able to plan and deliver adaptable products that scale efficiently and smoothly is key to success.

6. Quality Assurance

We implement quality assurance throughout our development process putting an emphasis on regular communication to keep your project on track. We fully manage testing using the latest modern techniques or work with your teams to ensure quality end to end. 

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